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Born 1959. Writer, filmmaker, bebopist and obsessed with the American roads (especially the backroads). Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Specialized in American avantgarde art. Books, articles and films on Fluxus, video art, documentary film, New American Cinema, road movies, the Beat Generation, New York’s downtown scene, improvised music, Jazz & Poetry etc. Also books and films on Danish cultural icons like Torben Ulrich, Jørgen Leth and Dan Turèll.

Among the most recent publications (in Danish) are a book about the Beat Generation (Beat, 2008) – ten years of research crammed into 670 pages – and a monograph on Captain Beefheart (2010), based on interviews with the Captain himself and his closest allies in The Magic Band.

September 2010: publication of Downtown – en New York-krønike, about the New York downtown scene in the 1970s and 80s – based on thirty visits to New York since 1987 (688 pages, Danish only).

In May 2010 the documentary Words of Advice – William S. Burroughs on the Road (Lars Movin & Steen Møller Rasmussen, 2007) was released worldwide on DVD (double-sided Pal/NTSC disc) by the American distributor Microcinema (order from:

The American press wrote about Words of Advice:
“Words of Advice is a very rare thing in documentary: a film that will appeal equally to the uninitiated and the long-time fan. Whereas most documentaries either present a superficial overview of the subject suitable for newcomers or dive directly into esoterica, Words of Advice balances the never-before-seen footage (sure to appeal most to longtime fans) and more general interviews (that provide a nice intro for new viewers).
The 1983 Copenhagen footage is simply a treasure. Watching Burroughs read (even at the age of 69) is a treat, as he’s obviously enamored of his material, and he animates it as only he can. (…) Words of Advice is a remarkable document that clearly shows William S. Burroughs in his prime, while also giving a glimpse into why he’s so important to our culture. Fans of the author are going to want to own this fantastic release, if only for the 30 minutes of Burroughs reading available as an extra.”
– Gordon Sullivan, DVDverdict, 20.5.10

**** (out of 5)
“Sparked by the discovery of never-before-seen footage of Burroughs giving a reading at Copenhagen’s Booktrader store, filmmakers Lars Movin and Steen Møller Rasmussen set out on the road themselves to record new material and fill us in on the story of both Burroughs’ later literary works and the growth of his inimitable spoken word career. What we came away with after viewing the film was that if you were looking for a speaker with a unique performance style, then Burroughs was your man.”
– Laurence, DiscDish, 12.5.10

“Suitable for the die-hard Burroughs fan and newcomers alike, Words of Advice gives us an enjoyable record of the Burroughs performance tours focusing specifically on his appearances in Copenhagen in 1983. This footage was clearly the impetus for the project, and where the film really shines.”
– Steve Foland, Pop Damage, 27.5.10

“The centerpiece of the film is an intense, weeklong Scandinavian Tour which culminates in a Copenhagen reading, also here in unexpurgated form. The best and funniest bits are in the details. In a televised tête-à-tête, Dan Turèll, Burroughs-influenced author and professional chin-stroker—replete with goatee, black fingernails and (no doubt clove) fag in hand—lobs almost willfully obtuse questions at the great man. Burroughs can only sit there like a wizened worm on a hook, squirming under the Klieg lights, rolling his eyes at the glorified coffeehouse beatnik making mincemeat of his theories. (‘You’re not talking good sense,’ Burroughs says to his interlocutor. ‘Of course, you’re not trying!’) It’s car-crash television at its most savory.”
– Brian Holler, PopMatters, 17.5.10

“Words Of Advice is a fascinating mix of material chronicling the later years of writer William S. Burroughs. The catalyst for the film was the discovery of some previously unknown footage documenting a reading Burroughs did in Copenhagen in 1983. Filmmakers Lars Movin and Steen Moller Rasmussen then added interviews and other footage to tell the story. What emerges is a compelling portrait of a man who lived life on his own terms, all the way to the end. (…) Words Of Advice is a solid overview of the last 20 years of William Burroughs’ life, and as such is recommended.”
– Greg Barbrick, BlogCritics, 24.5.10

“If you are a Burroughs devotee, Words of Advice is a four-star event … despite having little new material (much of the archival footage of the younger Burroughs has been seen elsewhere). Movin and Rasmussen do a darned good job of editing the clips that are shown. And the images are exceptionally crisp, which makes me wonder if they have been cleaned up. We’ve come to the point in Burroughs Studies where any new bit of information, no matter how minute, becomes an event, so I say fans of Old Bill rejoice and watch Words of Advice.”
– John Adams, Movie Habits, 15.5.10

Sjældent har jeg læst en rockmonografi så velskrevet og indsigtsfuld.
– Leon Jaurnow om Captain Beefheart – en Bebop-monografi (Bogmagasinet, nr. 2, 2010)

Man læser begejstret bogen i ét langt stræk. Lars Movin er en kongenial partner for Torben Ulrich og har skabt et mesterværk i interview-genren.
– Christian Braad Thomsen om Udspil – samtaler med Torben Ulrich (Jazz Special, nr. 80, februar/marts 2005)

Lars Movin has interviewed:
Doug Aitken, Jon Alpert, Joe Ambrose, David Amram, William Anastasi, Eric Andersen, Laurie Anderson, Kenneth Anger, Gonzalo Arijón, Kutlug Ataman, Charles Atlas, Michel Auder, Sonny Barger, James Benning, Alan Berliner, Richard Billingham, Daniel Boorstin, Deann Borshay, Nick Broomfield, John Cale, Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet), Carolyn Cassady, John Cassady, Jonathan Caouette, Eugene Chadbourne, Wynn Chamberlain, Harold Chapman, Weijun Chen, Yulie Gerstel Cohen, Tom Cora, Philip Corner, Douglas Coupland, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Jem Cohen, Douglas Davis, Cheryl Donegan, Ann Douglas, Christoph Draeger, Robert Drew, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Karen Finley, Henry Flynt, Raymond Foye, Herz Frank, John French, Fred Frith, Erik Gandini, Thierry Garrel, Paul Garrin, Alex Gibney, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Michael Glawogger, Coco Gordon, Douglas Gordon, James Grauerholz, Peter Greenaway, Johan Grimonprez, Kip Hanrahan, Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo), Helen Harrison, Thomas Heise, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Lynn Hershman, Dick Higgins, Gary Hill, Chanrithy Him, Pirjo Honkasalo, Dennis Hopper, Pierre Huyghe, Runa Islam, Joe Jackson, Joyce Johnson, Hettie Jones, Jon Jost, Richard Kern, Ken Kesey, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Alison Knowles, Victor Kossakovsky, Mark Kostabi, Alexander Krivonos, George Kuchar, Sergey Kuryokhin, Bill Laswell, Richard Leacock, Ange Leccia, David Lehman, Alfred Leslie, Les Levine, Arto Lindsay, Kim Longinotto, Chip Lord, Joey Lozano, Marcel Lozinski, Gary Lucas, Lydia Lunch, John Lurie, Jackson Mac Low, Dusan Makavejev, Gerard Malanga, Christian Marclay, James Marsh, Albert Maysles, Larry McMurtry, Taylor Mead, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Monk, Peter Moore, David Moss, Harold Norse, Timo Novotny, Alexander Olch, Yoko Ono, Tony Oursler, Nam June Paik, Ben Patterson, D.A. Pennebaker, Juris Podnieks, Amos Poe, Bruce Posner, Nenad Puhovski, Yvonne Rainer, Nicholas Rankin, Marc Ribot, Conrad Rooks, Richard Rorty, Jay Rosenblatt, Daniel Rosenfeld, Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Sampas, John Sanborn, Ed Sanders, Hubert Sauper, Carolee Schneemann, Hannes Schönemann, Katie Seiden, Ulrich Seidl, Andres Serrano, Elliott Sharp, Jennie Skerl, Nicky Skopelitis, Michael Smith, Gary Snyder, Georgina Starr, Mark Tansey, Lol Tolhurst (The Cure), Su-Mei Tse, Tenko Ueno, Woody & Steina Vasulka, Ben Vautier, Amos Vogel, Anne Waldman, Lawrence Weiner, Regina Weinreich, Wim Wenders, Peter Whitehead, John Willenbecher, Emmett Williams, Hal Willner, Peter Wintonick, Frederick Wiseman, La Monte Young, John Zorn